Concept of Lipocavitation

Lipocavitation (or cavitation) is the most advanced technology in the treatment of localized volume and cellulite. It is a painless technique that consists of the emission of energy waves that will generate microscopic air bubbles inside the fat cells.


Benefits of Lipocavitation

The frequency of the waves varies between 38 and 42 KHz. Thanks to the waves, air bubbles will implode. The walls of the broken adipocytes will release fat and water. All this will be metabolized by the liver. The excess fat stored under the skin (which forms bulges, cellulite, …) will be released and thus be eliminated in a natural way.

It is advisable to drink two liters of water the day before and the day after and to do one hour of cardio after the session.

The Results

Our Prices

  • Colombian Lifting – Starting at 450AED
  • Lipocavitation – Starting at 300AED
  • Radio Frequency – Starting at 400AED
  • Body Care – Starting at 280AED
  • Facial Care – Starting at 350AED
  • Dentistry – Starting at 320AED


What They Think

“Sweetbody by Mina is really, by far, one of the best institute I tried in Dubai, especially for the lipocavitation and teeth whitening. The technicians are professional and put their heart into the work they do. The institute is very clean and welcoming. Thank you to the whole team and I will of course be back for other services!”

Inès Ghak

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Neya Elle Gomes

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Je suis satisfaite des soins effectués lipocavitation ventre et traitement de la cellulite.
Je recommande cet institut sans hésiter !!”

Aby Dkt

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